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Washington, D.C.

Turnaround for Children began its work in Washington, D.C. in 2010. Since then, it has expanded its relationship with DCPS to include districtwide initiatives, such as staff trainings and the School Climate Advisory Committee. In 2016, Turnaround established a partnership with KIPP DC to provide training and consulting systemwide.

This year, Turnaround is partnering directly with four DCPS and two KIPP DC schools, serving more than 2,100 students and 230 adults, and providing consultation, training and support for educators in schools across the city.

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Innovation Partnerships

School Principal Grade Geography Students
Hendley Elementary School Sundai Riggins pre-K-6 Ward 8 463
Houston Elementary School Rembert Seaward pre-K-5 Ward 7 275
Malcolm X Elementary School Zara Berry-Young pre-K-5 Ward 8 238
Turner Elementary School Eric Bethel pre-K-5 Ward 8 460
  • Sundai Riggins

    Ward 8


  • Rembert Seaward

    Ward 7


  • Zara Berry-Young

    Ward 8


  • Eric Bethel

    Ward 8


KIPP DC Intensive Partners

School Principal Grade Geography Students
KIPP DC AIM Academy Aliesha Maye 5-8 Ward 8 370
KIPP DC Quest Academy John Petersen 1-4 Ward 7 380
  • Aliesha Maye

    Ward 8


  • John Petersen

    Ward 7


Mental Health Partners

Washington, DC


  • Turnaround trained 22 DCPS principals and more than 250 DCPS social workers and psychologists on how to use a trama-informed lens; 85% of principals reported changing their practices as a result
  • Turnaround's D.C. partner schools increased their scores for emotional support, according to third-party classroom observations
  • Turnaround led a four-day training on foundational science concepts with every student-facing KIPP DC staff member

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If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact:

Ayisha Miles-John | Senior Program Officer
Phone: 646-786-6238 | Email: