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Northern California

Turnaround for Children is partnering with three Summit Public Schools during the 2018-19 school year, sharing tools and providing professional development for principals and network leadership.

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2018-19 School Partnerships

School Principal Grade Geography Students
Summit K2 Shilpa Duvoor 7-11 El Cerrito/Richmond, CA 580
Summit Prep Caitlin Reilly 9-12 Redwood City, CA 460
Summit Rainier Jesse Roe 9-12 San Jose, CA 320
  • Shilpa Duvoor

    El Cerrito/Richmond, CA


  • Caitlin Reilly

    Redwood City, CA


  • Jesse Roe

    San Jose, CA



  • During school year 2017-18, Turnaround administered its Schoolwide Evaluation and Assessment Tool (SEAT) at three Summit schools. This year, Turnaround is providing coaching and delivering a virtual version of its Professional Learning Series, and offering knowledge, practice and assessment tools to be accessed network-wide.

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If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact:

Ayisha Miles-John | Senior Program Officer
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