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For Our Partners

Our team works hand-in-hand with teachers and school staff to equip them with tools and strategies that will drive student development and academic achievement.

Trauma-informed Education

At Turnaround, we think we’re on to something. By recognizing the disruptive impact traumatic stress can have on behavior and learning, we can address the recurring and predictable pattern of challenges faced by schools that are struggling to improve.

We partner closely with school leaders, teachers and student support staff to design learning environments that provide a protective buffer for children affected by traumatic stress and adverse experiences.

Turnaround’s theory of change is grounded in an integrated set of practices and supports designed to enable a safe and supportive school culture and climate, trusting relationships, and student acquisition of critical skills and mindsets that are highly correlated with achievement.

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Turnaround commits to a multi-year partnership with schools, so you can depend on us to be there when you need help most. We work with you to build the capacities and skills necessary to better support your students.

More Tools for your Tool Belt

Mental Health Partnership: We establish a partnership between each school and a community-based mental health agency.

Professional Development: We provide targeted professional development and coaching to help teachers and school staff develop the skills and mindsets that will equip them to successfully manage classrooms, promote student development and enable rigorous instruction.

Grounded in Science and Research: We translate learning from our practice in schools, along with knowledge from neuroscientific research, into tools for educators and school leaders.

Tested Teaching Strategies: We share innovative teaching strategies; how to cultivate critical students’ skills and mindsets, such as growth mindset and self-regulation; tactics to defuse disruptive behavior and engage students; and classroom management techniques that build trusting relationships.

Help Fulfill the Promise Of Public Education For Every Child

We believe that when teachers and school leaders have the skills at their disposal to counter the impact of traumatic stress in student’s lives, they can put students on a healthy developmental and academic path.

What will success look like? A safe, nurturing school environment where all the adults are prepared and well-equipped and where students are healthy, resilient and eager to learn and succeed. We won’t get there without your effort and imagination. By joining forces, we can change the odds for students growing up in the shadow of adversity.


Building Blocks for Learning

Turnaround for Children’s Building Blocks for Learning is a framework for the development of skills children need for success in school and beyond.

How Brains are Built: The Core Story of Brain Development

Developed by the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative

One Big Kindergarten

Kindergarten teachers at two public schools in the Bronx -- P.S. 85 and Bronx Charter School for Excellence -- are taking teamwork to a whole new level.

The Science of Adversity

Dr. Pamela Cantor explains the science of adversity and how we can use this information to design better learning environments.

Building Blocks for Learning

How Brains are Built: The Core Story of Brain Development

One Big Kindergarten

Where We Work - New York City

The Science of Adversity


Tools for Educators

Turnaround designs tools to share knowledge, build awareness and inform teaching strategies that promote healthy student development.

Teachers' classrooms are filled with students at differing levels of knowledge and skills – not to mention the myriad socio-economic issues they carry with them through the school doors. Turnaround's research, specifically about the trauma and stress of poverty, informs their approach to create optimal teaching and learning environments where reaching high standards and college readiness is actually possible.

Randi Weingarten, PresidentAmerican Federation of Teachers