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Turnaround is seeking philanthropic champions who will join the organization, at the nexus of science and practice, in this extraordinary moment. To make a gift by phone or for additional information on wire transfers, stock donations and matching gifts, please contact Nicholas Andreassi or call 646.786.6230.



Board Profile: Dwight Davis

Dwight Davis has been appointed Principal at Browne Education Campus in Washington, D.C., after serving as Principal in Residence at Whittier Education Campus and Mary Jane Patterson Fellow during the 2016-17 school year. Previously, Dwight was an assistant principal at Wheatley Education Campus, a former Turnaround partner school and a much-admired classroom teacher. Dwight is a proud product of DCPS. He joined Turnaround for Children’s Board of Directors in 2015.


Translating Science into Practice

By studying the impact of adversity on the developing brain, Turnaround is on to something big. We are connecting the dots between science, adversity and school performance.

Donor Spotlight: Diana Davis Spencer Foundation

Mother and daughter Diana Davis Spencer and Abby Spencer Moffat lead the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation which seeks to provide individuals with tools to take charge of their own lives. As teenagers, Diana and Abby each volunteered for Children’s Village, mentoring juvenile offenders in New York’s Westchester County to help them become proficient, productive and responsible members of their communities. These formative experiences gave them insights into the kinds of support many children don’t have and really need. Today, their foundation invests in people to promote national security, freedom and a healthy economy – with entrepreneurship and innovation at its core.

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Turnaround has uncovered a missing piece of the education reform puzzle. Your investment will help us achieve a new vision for public education.

Nicholas Andreassi
Associate, Development