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Partner With Us

Turnaround seeks school and district partners committed to understanding and addressing the impact of adversity on learning and behavior in order to better prepare all students to succeed.

Turnaround’s school partnerships begin with a mutual selection process. For the partnership to be successful, both Turnaround and the school commit to working together, typically for several years.


  • Deploys a cross-functional team – a Social Work Consultant, Instructional Coach and Program Director
  • Establishes and administers a partnership between the school and a community-based mental health provider to expedite access to high-quality care
  • Supports the necessary capacity building to implement a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)
  • Trains every teacher and administrator in strategies and tools that help establish a safe, productive learning environment and promote healthy student development and academic achievement
  • Work closely with school leadership to drive improvement in culture and climate and the development of student skills and mindsets

The School Partner:

  • Hires a full-time social worker and commits to delivering a MTSS for all students
  • Guarantees access to all of its teachers for weekly Turnaround-led professional development sessions and one-on-one coaching in the classroom
  • Ensures regular access to school leadership, instructional leadership, social workers and student support staff to actively collaborate in building systems and delivering professional development
  • Has stable school leadership that believes in Turnaround’s theory of change

Criteria for School Partnership:

  • Established regular district, pre-K-5, pre-K-8 or 5-8 school
  • Student body consisting of a high concentration of children growing up in poverty, many of whom are experiencing chronic adversity
  • Math and English proficiency rates no more than 0.5 standard deviations above the district average
  • Not a New York City Department of Education Renewal School
  • School environment with ongoing challenges, such as high numbers of serious behavioral incidents and low ratings for physical security [NYC only]

How a Partnership Begins

To establish and build each partnership, we prefer to begin conversations near the start of the calendar year to assure clear communication and mutual understanding so we can hit the ground running by the start of the next school year.

If you are interested pursuing or learning more about a partnership with Turnaround, please contact Ayisha Miles-John, Senior Program Officer at 646-786-6238 or

One of Turnaround’s central philosophies is the idea that whatever the struggles are, whatever the obstacles are, there’s a system that you can put in place. There are moves that you can make that are going to make things better.

– Scott Cartland, Principal, Wheatley Education Campus, Washington, D.C.